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Do you keep putting your plans to save on the long finger? Why use the excuse of I am waiting for the right time? Well, now is the perfect moment to start saving for something special, for a great future. Finding the right way to save or invest your money is simple and hassle-free: It is important to set your goal an end game you might say, make a ‘wish list’ of things you would like to use this money for in the future, ‘prioritise’ what you have on your list in the order of what you feel you will need first. Perhaps you'd like to buy a new car? Or maybe you're planning the holiday of a lifetime? Saving for a 'rainy day' or your children's education might be top of your list.

It is important to have clear goals to work towards so ‘Do the Math’, it is important to know what these goals are likely to cost, you need to be realistic and set a premium that is not to low or to high. Set your budget; take into account your other monthly out goings or the potential unwanted issues that could affect your cash flow that hit you out of the blue.

We can tailor your savings plan to suit your needs and affordability’s. Once you're clear on the reason why you're saving and how long you wish to save for - we can help you select the saving plan to suit your needs. You choose the fund(s) you want to direct your regular payments into, and through these funds you gain access to the growth potential of shares and bonds. We recommend that you diversify your investment by not putting all your ‘eggs in one basket’ and these funds allow you to do just that.