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Serious Illness Cover

Protection What Matters ?

No one needs the added financial, practical and emotional problems that a serious illness can bring.  Sometimes, without warning, these things happen and while no one likes to think about becoming seriously ill, it pays to be prepared for the future. Ask yourself, how would I or my family cope if I got seriously ill? Life is complicated enough when you’re fit, well and have a steady income coming in. But we often take our health for granted, especially when we’re younger.

What is Serious Illness ?

While death comes to us all, it’s serious illness that perhaps is our biggest risk. In fact, you are much more likely to suffer from Cancer, a Heart Attack, or a Stroke before age 65 than you are to die. And what if you do become seriously ill and you can’t work? What if you find yourself struggling financially at a time when money should be the last thing on your mind?

At 50, you are 4 times more likely to suffer a serious illness than die.

This type of cover pays you a lump sum amount if you suffer from one of the specified illnesses covered on your plan.

  • Serious illness cover, also known as Specified Illness Benefit, pays you a lump sum on diagnosis of some of today’s most common serious illnesses.
  • You can spend the lump sum however you like to maintain your standard of living or to help you and your family cope financially during a difficult time.
  • You choose the amount of cover you need and how to use it. For example, if you became ill, the payout could cover your mortgage and loan repayments or everyday bills and expenses, leaving you to concentrate on getting better.

Funding your household expenses for 2 years could cost as little as €29.73 per month.