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Investing a lump sum is a great option if you want an opportunity to grow your money over time. We offer access to funds with varying levels of risk and return. We can help you open up the world of investments.Your money is invested in one or a combination of our investment funds. Depending on the type of fund you invest in and the level of risk you're prepared to take, you can see your capital grow over a period of time. Making the decision to invest will be influenced by the kind of financial objectives you have. Do you want to save over a short time period, or over a long term?

Attitude to Risk

When it comes to investing a lump sum, it's important to be aware that that there is a level of risk involved. Usually, the greater the potential return you want from your savings and investments, the greater the risk you have to take. At Anchor Life & Pensions each client does a Risk Profile Analysis, these short questions will help you in assessing the type of different funds options to choose from, depending on the level of risk you are comfortable with. The funds that you decide to select for investment will have a big impact on the kind of return you can expect. There are many different funds to choose from, and a variety of asset classes to consider.

Asset classes

What are asset classes?

    Asset classes are the five main types of investment a fund can invest in:

  • Cash: - money on deposit (e.g. cash in a bank).
  • Bonds: - loans to companies or governments.
  • Property: - bricks and mortar, property equities or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).
  • Equities: - investment in company shares.
  • Alternatives: - includes commodities, e.g. gold, copper, water infrastructure and agriculture.
Long Term Investments Rewards